The Bodies

The bodies of the support group are:

  • the general meeting
  • the committee
  • the advisory board.

The activities of the bodies are performed by its members in a honorary capacity.

The Committee

The committee members according to § 26 BGB are:

  • President – Anke Heilmann
  • Vice-President – Heike Isbruch
  • Treasurer – Andreas Wähnert

It can be enlarged by up to two assessors.

The Advisory Board
For the specialized advice as well as for the support of inter-communication, the committee can appoint an advisory board. 
Members of the advisory board are:

  • PD Dr. med. Joerg Klepper
    Medical Director – Department of Pediatrics
    Medical Centre Aschaffenburg – Germany
  • Baerbel Leiendecker
    officially recognized dietician Department of Pediatric Neurology University of Essen - Germany

Note: You can find in-depth information on tasks and objectives of our charity in
our statues (in German only).