Tasks and objectives

The glucose transporter (GLUT1) deficiency syndrome was first described in 1991 by Prof. De Vivo in the United States. PD Dr. Joerg Klepper started research in Germany in 1999.

The GLUT1 deficiency syndrome is one of the few childhood epilepsies which is caused by a deficiency of the metabolism, yet is easy to treat. The diagnosis and treatment of this newly discovered metabolic disease which is little known world-wide is basically concentrated on the USA and Germany; in most parts of Europe, South America, Asia and other regions of the world the GLUT1 deficiency syndrome is still unknown.

Physicians and scientists have achieved a great deal in a short time. However, due to empty budgets for research and health care and the fact that the number of undetected cases of people affected by GLUT1 deficiency syndrome is rightly assumed to be high, the main focus of the Förderverein Glukosetransporter(GLUT1)-Defekt e.V. is on the following tasks and objectives:

  • support of the research and education on the GLUT1 deficiency syndrome and its methods of treatment
  • any form of educational publicity related to the GLUT1 deficiency syndrome and its methods of treatment, especially the ketogenic diet
  • support of families with GLUT1 diseased children by collecting and distributing information about the GLUT1 deficiency syndrome
  • support of inter-communication between affected families, physicians, dieticians, clinics and research centres.

Note: You can find in-depth information on tasks and objectives of our charity in our statues (in German only).