Förderverein Glukosetransporter(GLUT1)-Defekt e.V.

  • established November 07, 2002
  • registered at the District Court of Bremen on December 17, 2002
  • recognized as a charitable organisation by the tax authorities of the Federal State of Bremen on February 06, 2003

The foundation of this charity has created the basis for a forum providing parents of children and adolescents with GLUT1 deficiency syndrome, physicians, dieticians as well as the general public with information on this metabolic disease and the only effective treatment available - the ketogenic diet.

Our charity aims to increase the public awareness of this disease by providing comprehensive information on this treatable epileptic encephalopathy. We also want to encourage physicians to take the GLUT1 deficiency syndrome into consideration as one of the possible causes when intractable seizures occur.

Diagnostic criteria for the GLUT1 deficiency syndrome are well established. By adhering to the  ketogenic diet, patients with this disease are generally free of seizures and do not have to take additional anticonvulsant medication. This improves not only the chances of a healthy development but also the general well-being of young patients.

With your support, too, we hope to help children and adolescents affected by the GLUT1 deficiency syndrome and enable them to lead a “normal” life.

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